Maybe There Is A Reason

One of my favorite movies is What's Eating You Gilbert Grape. The main character seemed to experience a gamut of emotions, usually angry or sad. The children's book, THE BAD SEED is very similar in that it follows a seed who has been labeled "bad." The unique thing about this book is that it helps readers understand that sometimes the person who is being mean has a good heart, but is acting out due to past experiences.

As an educator, I see this all too often where a child misbehaves and becomes labeled instead of the adult taking time to get to know the child, and understand the root of their anger. The Bad Seed is filled with beautiful and engaging illustrations that help readers view the seed as human. Author, Jory John uses short sentences, but a powerful voice as a writer to convey the message that you can change how you act if you don't like how you are being viewed. John further demonstrated the power behind building relationships, labeling and community.

I was wondering why everyone was buzzing about this book, now I know. It is a remember for children and adults, that we may plant seeds but it takes care to watch them grow.

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