Level Up

It is a new year and time for a fresh start. Many people have made declarations about what they plan to change and have resolved to do. Unfortunately some never follow through leaving their words and actions lost amidst the New Year's Celebrations.

Well that is not the case for those featured in the January/February edition of Level 21 Magazine. This national fashion, lifestyle and entertainment magazine features kids and authors who are ready to change the world. Featured on the cover of this issue are dancers Ayo and Teo. Many kids have seen them featured in videos from Usher and Chris Brown. Readers will learn all about their start to fame and their goals. In addition, young readers will discover that there are numerous young models, singers, entrepreneurs, and fashion makers just like them who are not just talking the talk, but walking into their destiny. This magazine and particularly the Jan/Feb Kids Issue will help remind your young reader/leader that success is theirs for the taking.

Oh, and guess who else is featured! There is a special section highlighting authors and THE MESSAGE IN THE MIRROR and author Katrina Denise are featured too. Check it out! Click the pic below to be taken to the KIDS ISSUE OF LEVEL 21 MAGAZINE!

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