The Children Are Right

When a young girl lives in a time where she can not live out her youth freely and without the limits placed on her by segregation, it is only a matter of time before her voice w be heard. The Youngest Marcher is a story of young children who stood up and marched for freedom and equality when the adults had been challenged so much that they feared protesting. Audrey a young girl, joined other children at the 16th Baptist Street Church along with middle and high school students. She soon realized that she was the youngest marcher by clearly not alone. Singing, ain't nobody gonna turn me around and holding a sign saying Can a Man Love God and Hate his Brother. Despite facing cops, being jailed and mistreated, this young girl along with 3000 other children courageously marched and helped change the laws in Birmingham with the Children's March. Eventually she sat and ate at the lunch counter along blacks and whites; the way things should have been all along.

This book is a great biography for young readers. While the content is heavy in that it speaks of segregation and children being jailed, it is beautifully written in a way that young readers can appreciate the fact that even children can make a difference in the world.

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