What could a boy from 1950, 2014, and the present all have in common? Unfortunately this phrase says it all, "died too young, too soon." Jewell Rhodes Parker, author of Sugar has done it again, but this time in a novel that is all too familiar in its message. It looks at the life a young man gunned down by a cop as he stands in limbo; telling us how he died and helping us see how his death has impacted his family, community and that of the officer who shot him.

While the content is heavy, it teaches a valuable lesson about racial differences, empathy, community, change and forgiveness. It also touches on bullying. The title is profound, GHOSTS. It is as if the characters in the book are ghosts, individuals who were never seen for who they really were. This middle grade book is one that children and adults need to read; change begins with us all.

The book reminds us all that good can come from evil and that when silence exists too long, eventually it takes a ROAR to be heard! LOVE IS WHAT WE NEED. Click the photo to purchase.

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