Like the trees, I am here to grow. Like the heart, I am here to love.

These are just a few words that are stated in the beautifully written book, I AM ENOUGH by Grace Byers . It is an awe inspiring book for young readers that contains gentle reminders that we all have a purpose. It is written in a language so powerful that it can motivate adults and children alike to reflect on their own power and self worth.

The speaker goes from declaring her own beliefs of self to encouraging others to do the same by reminding readers that though we all look different, and may have different opinions, we all have a mission on earth to serve others with love, kindness and good will.

The illustrations are playful and depict the innocence, diversity and uniqueness of children everywhere. The pictures coupled with the simple words, I AM ENOUGH create a bold message. What a great book, to give a graduate as they venture into a world of uncertainty where some may try to deter them from their path. This book would surely help them to always know their worth. Go to the book links page to purchase.

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