I am sure that we can all remember seeing a magic trick. Just a simple count of 1, 2, 3 or saying the word Abracadabra could make rabbits or birds appear or disappear. In the book, The Magician's Hat, author Malcolm Mitchell helps readers discover something even more magical; themselves and the power of books.

In this beautifully written book, students at a library place their hand in a bag and find books that represent their dreams and future careers. One reluctant child questions how the magician could have books that relate to exactly what each child desires, yet had never met the children. The boy challenges the magician by placing his hand in the bag and saying that he wanted to work with dogs in hopes that the book he pulls out would prove the magician was fake. However, the real magic happen in our hearts and minds showing that what we truly believe appears more often than illusions. Surprisingly, the book that appears is not about dogs and teaches the boy that real magic and miracles begin within, and that there are many books in the library that can help us reach our goals.

This is an awesome book by an NFL player is sure to help young readers make a TOUCHDOWN in life! Click the link to purchase.

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