The title of this post is welcome. It is a simple word that means you are glad to receive someone or something. Too often in America and especially in recent days, people have tendency to push others away versus welcome. However, I thought much like the Alexandra Penfold, author of the book, ALL ARE WELCOME HERE, that America was a place that welcomed EVERYONE to experience equalIty, peace, joy and LOVE.

In this wonderfully illustrated book by Suzanne Kaufman, readers and early readers can follow a story that simply encourages togetherness, respect and an understanding that no matter what differences we bring to the table, we are all welcome. I like how the author shows people welcoming others in school, in a park at a meal etc to truly convey that you may encounter difference and sameness in many places yet all are welcome. I especially enjoyed the powerful message presented in a way that children can receive and understand. We are not alone for ALL are Welcome.

Grab your copy today. This also makes for a great back to school read to build a class community.

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