My Brother's Keeper

My brother and I are so close. Sure we argue and fuss, but our good times always outweigh our bad. He is a great supporter and encourages me to reach for the stars. This is the kind of relationship exhibited by the brothers in the story, We Are Brothers by Yves Nadon.

During the summer the two brother swim to a rock where one jumps from the rock and splashes in the water. The young brother looks with amazement and desires to jump himself but is fearful. Soon the older brother encourages the younger brother to jump. Knowing that his brother believes in him and not wanting to let himself down, the younger brother becomes a bird as he extends his arms and jumps from the rock. The young brother soon realizes for himself what strength, bravery and accomplishment feel like as he splashes in the water with his brother and becomes fish. The older brother congratulates him and then together they do it again and again as BROTHERS!

Not only is the storyline phenomenal, but the language is well written and includes many metaphors to help readers understand the feelings and actions of the characters even more. This what make an excellent read if you are teaching figurative language.

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