Writers today have really taken heed to the issues that are most prominent in society. For example, THUG LIFE or in book terms, Angie Thomas', THE HATE YOU GIVE. In this book, STARR the main character is torn between a life or world opposite of her home and the realities of her neighborhood. Though she attends a private school and dates a white boy. her world that seems to be a mix of "blackness" and diversity is flipped upside down when she witnessing her friend Khalil innocently murdered by a cop. STARR soon finds herself pained by the death of her friend, questioning the authenticity of her white peers and boyfriend, pained by the rage and riots in her community and struggling to understand how the system/cops could have done this to her friend. The book follows her involvement with a lawyer, jury, family, community and reporters, all the while trying to keep her identity unknown. Should she become Khalil's voice, will she be harmed in the process, is she really surrounded by THUGS? All of these questions are answered and eventually voiced in the book, THE HATE YOU GIVE.

This was a beautifully written novel, and helps to bring to the forefront issues such as why some kids gravitate towards a life in the streets, how the actions of some can affect many, why it is so important to tell your truth and that of others, how the "system" can be both for and against. Read the book and then get ready to watch the movie which releases October 19th.

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