We can learn a lot from a flower. If given the right things, it has the ability to go from a mere seed to flower that blossoms. Much like a flower, sometimes it takes the courage of one to spark growth within others.

World renouned author Jacqueline Woodson takes readers on a journey from being the new student who is somewhat different and often misunderstood, to one that has a voice and a story that others can relate to. As an educator I see students who are new(grade, school, state) struggle to connect with others; often feeling as if no one else knows their story or can understand them for who they are. This book sheds light on how it feels when your story is different from others. However it is when the character decides to be true to self and tell their story while accepting and loving themselves, tha they show up and begin to "live. "It is such a relief to be you authentically. It is freeing! Honestly when you do, you will most likely find that there are countless others who are more like you than not.

This is the perfect back to school read to teach children about loving oneself and the importance of getting to know others.

Click the book for purchase info. This book is a new release (August 28, 2018).

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