f the title doesn’t grab you then the illustrations will! This is an amazing book and quick read. Don’t let the length fool you because the message is powerful. Each page has about 5-7 words accompanied by an illustration depicting an example of the protest being described. The book ends with a more detailed summary of people who have demonstrated each protest noted. Perfect read for grades 2-5. It truly hones in on the fact that age does not determine your impact. Grab this one by clicking on the pic below.

You may also fall in love with this book which also speaks of Social Justice. In today's world, it is so important that we understand who we are, demand what is right and do so in a way that requires change but offers love. This book introduces readers to 20 individuals who were courageous enough to address hate, bullying, gender bias, slavery, racism, inequity and anything that did not show up as equal, or just plain old love for humanity. The text is short and in 5-7 word phrases with striking illustrations, we meet each enactor of change. People like Ruby Bridges, Samuel Adams Colin Kaepernick and countless others both young and old who readers may or may not know. I like that it simple present a snapshot of who they are and not a full summary because it makes for an easier read and a book that can be shared across grade levels. The book ends with small biographies of each person highlighted for those interested in knowing. Yes, there are individuals from the LGBTQ community but even this often difficult topic for young readers is presented in the most appropriate way. Grab this captivating book if you need a reminder to brave, grateful for change or you too are ready to speak up because you have had "Enough." Click the pick to purchase.

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