A Wall You Say???

It’s We Read Wednesday! Coming off the heels of the elections is this must read book. Great for young readers, citizens and candidates elect! The Wall in the Middle of the book has very few words, but literary brought me to tears. It is a simple story about a wall that was built to divide people. The person who created or values the wall most, believes that it protects him from all dangers and is so focused on the wall that he is obvious to the dangers that surround him. The very person he fears on the other side of the wall is the very one that he needs and will come to value most. I immediately thought of immigration laws and how we often allow our fears of people and things to prevent us from seeing the beauty and often likeness we share. Must read for sure. I try to stay away from deep political discussions and debates unless needed but I would gift 45 this book in an instant. We could all learn a lesson or two from it!!!

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