Write the Vision

I wept with tears of joy and left from reading this book filled with a

renewed since of hope. It is often stated that if you write down your dreams and make a plan, you are more likely to accomplish them. This book is an example of that truth. When Dr Tererai, in the book known only as the little girl, grew up in Zimbabwe her dreams of obtaining and education were impossible or as they say in Shona, batigone. That was until the little girl with the drive and passion of a champ, used her brother’s school books and some teaching from her brother to eventually earn the respect and encouragement to go further. She later went to school for a short while before marrying at the age of 11 which was customary in her village. One day she meets a woman from America named Jo Luck who tells her that if she dreams of an education and life in America, it is achievable, Tinogona! With the help of her village/tribe, she sets off for America but not before burying her dreams in the soil and believing that it will come forth. She wrote on a piece of paper: My dreams is to travel to America, to earn one degree, then a second, and a third. Then I want to give education back to my village. Well, let’s just say, the author of the book is Dr. Tererai Trent and she also started a foundation in 2011 to bring education to her hometown in Zimbabwe. Plant the seeds and watch them grow. Impossible Dreams, no……ACHIEVABLE!

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