Teach Kids to Enact Change

Here are four amazing books that teach children how to come together to enact change, and strengthen community. Just imagine how much stronger our world would be if we helped our youngest readers value themselves and their communities.

Grace Goes to Washington: While this book is told from the point of view of the dog, it notes the steps that are involved in making laws both locally and on a national level.

Dear Mr. Rosenwald: This book takes a look at how a one room African American school became a larger school with help from the community and the Sears Company, Emphasizes how communities can change or people can take action based on a need.Extension: Students can write letters to a community partner or teacher thanking them for their help with education.

Intersection Allies focuses on differences and how we can advocate and support each other. It a great book to discuss culture and the rights people have in community like being respected.

What Can a Citizen Do? This book explains how kids on a lonely island transform it. Each person does a part to build community.Extension: How can we work to build a strong class community that respects the rights of others.

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