Red Light, Yellow Light...GO!

I'm sure you are familiar with the stop light and chances are you have heard of its inventor, Garrett Morgan, but he was UNSTOPPABLE. As a kid when he saw a problem, he wanted to solve it. This passion propelled him into greatness, but a journey full of red and yellow lights. When jobs and opportunities were scarce he left his home in the South to seek more in the North. There he got a big break by repairing belts on a sewing machine, but when he fell in love with a woman who was white, many wanted to force him to slow down, stop or be fired. However, Garrett had a motto which seemed to help survive and thrive..."if someone puts something to block your way, the first time you go around it, the second time you go over it, and the third time you go through it."

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Garrett fought back through racism many times. He left the business that tried to stop his relationship and opened his own repair business and clothing store with his wife. Garrett saw fireman struggle without proper equipment and developed the safety hood later renamed the gas mask. Because he was black his invention was not valued. When black businesses were not allowed to advertise in white owned papers, he created the CALL Newspaper written by black reporters to support and promote African American reporters.

As you go throughout your day, remember that Garrett broke barriers and you can too! When others hit the stop light on you, remind yourself of the achievements of Garrett Morgan and know that you have the GREEN LIGHT TO GO!!!

Get this book right away to add to your collection. It is very inspiring and beautifully written by Joan Dicicco and illustrated by Ebony Glenn.

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