So you are watching the news feeling sad, wondering why, how , when, what , ME...THEM.

I am sure that regardless of your race or title be it parent or educator, you are wondering how do we combat the evils of hatred, racism, sexism. It isn't an easy fix but one that can start with open eyes, willing minds and loving hearts. Yes, you see color but color should not be a barrier to respecting and honoring humanity. The books below may provide reflection for some pertaining to the term "whiteness" or simply help you to show students of all races and ethnicities why respecting and honoring others is important. They may also encourage students of color to see that we not only see them but we hear them and that yes WE THE PEOPLE includes them.

1. I Walk with Vanessa- This book highlights how one child witnesses the mistreatment of another and decides to support. This would be great to use when discussing bullying or how we can speak up when we see injustice happening.

2. Little Humans- This book shows children of all races and highlights the fact that we all bring our own qualities and gifts to the world. In essence weather we can do it alone or need support, can dance or are great at cooking ; we matter.

3. Not Quite Snow White- Often we forget that children judge one another and see color too. The believes that they have may been taught from their families or media, but we are encouraged to help them see that this notion of "perfection" or one look, sound or way is incorrect...royalty exist in us all.

4. I Too Am America- This book takes the poem written by Langston Hughes and brings it to life with illustrations. Simply put America can only be the land of the free and home of the brave if ALL are honored. I would love to hear the discussions that can be had just from a picture book like this one.

5. Not My Idea- I would suggest this to older students and adults just because it does not sugar coat a thing. Now that is not to say we should hide the truth from younger children because that is really the book's message. However, if shared with younger children, I would encourage a parent to read it with them and have a conversation. Definitely great for all adults.

6. Same Difference- Two cousins spend time with each other and one day notice their differences. With older students or students who have struggled with their skin complexion, this would be a great resource to discuss colorism. However, it could be shared with younger students to simply talk about the fact that we are different colors and have different hair but we each offer something special to the world. Using it in this manner helps students begin to notice what makes them feel good about themselves and to respect others. This would be great if followed by the book, The Best Part of Me.

7. Undefeated- This book highlights the struggles but more importantly the triumph of many African Americans. It is a good reminder how of resilient people can be.

8. Front Desk- Though the main characters are of Asian decent, this book shows how a child can be a voice for many! It also deals with immigration, racial bias, and community!

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