Black AND Proud....Black Brother

In the last few months we have discussed racism and our country has experienced an awakening. Many people have begun to "see" injustice, bias and racism as real and as something which needs to end. However, many people of color not only suffer from racism but have endured colorism.

Margrent Hunter says, "inequality by skin tone, also known as colorism, contributes to larger patterns of racial inequality for African Americans and Latina/os. Discrimination by skin tone affects many dimensions of life, including education, employment, housing, spousal status, criminal sentencing, and even levels of depression and self-esteem.

The book, BLACK BROTHER, BLACK BROTHER is about two biracial brothers, one who is light and is often accepted by whites and one who is darker and called black brother and how he experiences COLORISM. The story unfolds and we immediately see the mistreatment of Dante (the darker brother), by his privileged and often racists peers and school. This middle grade story also follows Dante who wants to learn how to fence to compete against and hopefully take down one of his bullies. In his quest to learn fencing his relationship with his coach shows readers that children can inspire adults and vice versa. Readers also learn valuable life lessons as they learn strategies and rules of fencing. More importantly we recognize that racism has and still exist in sports, however as coach states winning can happen both outwardly and inwardly.

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Best quotes:

"Stay visible even if people don't see you"

"Sports is teamwork; family"

"See everything"

This is a much needed book and highlights many topics that need to be addressed today. In the end of the story, small changes take place that show that facing and addressing opponents requires unmasking giants. Donte also learns how to navigate life's obstacles through fencing and to have pride in his black roots.

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