Rescuing Mrs. Birdley is a cleverly written book about a young girl who tries to get her teacher back into the classroom, a familiar place and in her mind a teachers "habitat." The story offers a unique comparison between animals and their habitats, behaviors and human actions. The main character loves her teacher and feels that she only belongs in the classroom just as an animal belongs in its natural environment where it thrives best. For class use, teachers can use this book to discuss character traits such as persistence and determination of the main character. Students and teachers can discuss things they enjoy outside of school. During this pandemic, this book provides a funny way of showing that someone is missed and explains that though we may not be in the normal class setting, we can still learn wherever we are. Will the main character capture her teacher and get her back to the classroom? Read to find out! (Select the book to purchase).

A is for All Things You Are is a beautifully structured book full of diverse characters. The book highlights what makes children special by focusing on their character traits. Each page provides a trait, along with a description and follows up with a question for the reader as to how they can show that trait. Ex: F is for fair. How can you be fair?

Students will love the beautifully crafted board board book that is small but powerful. Teachers can use the book to highlight character traits. Have students write their names in the center of a piece of paper and write the traits they exemplify.

For more great reads for grades K-5 check out this Bitmoji Library full of books with links to purchase as well as motivational videos. Select the pic below to enter the library!

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